When you see that your home's foundation walls are beginning to buckle, bow or tilt inward it can seem as if your home is crumbling apart like gingerbread. The good news is that there is an easy solution to all of these issues, it's a foundation wall bracing system that can hold up against the outside pressure from soil and water that causes these problems.

The PowerBrace Foundation Wall Repair System is a patented foundation wall repair system that’s designed to stabilize failing basement walls and provide the potential to straighten the walls completely over time. The system employs steel I-beams that will stabilize the wall in its current position without any further adjustment. Over time, the system can be tightened to make bowing or tilting walls straighter and more vertical.

Some of the other benefits of the PowerBrace System include:

  • No outside excavation required
  • Neat, clean appearance in the basement
  • Minimal disruption of basement space

The PowerBrace System: Installation

This product employs a unique, patented approach to stabilizing and straightening bowed and buckled foundation walls over time. To ensure proper performance of this wall repair system, a certified foundation contractor will inspect the strength of your floor joists before recommending this repair strategy.

Creating a Custom Fit

The PowerBrace is based on strong steel I-beams. The rust-resistant zinc-coated I-beams and their support hardware ensure that your system will look and perform like new for the rest of your home's life. Every home is different so an expert will determine how many PowerBrace supports are required for your wall repair and, based on the wall height of your basement, each beam will be cut to the correct height.

Securing Floor Joists

The next step is to attach each brace to a floor joist near the mudsill at the top of the wall. Each specially designed bracket is bolted to the floor joist and contains a large-diameter bolt for adjustments and tightening. 

Fine-Tuning the Positions

The PowerBrace System works best when each I-beam is perfectly vertical. Your contractor will use a level to fine-tune the position of each beam to make sure it is perfectly aligned, in preparation for the next step. 

Unique Straightening System

To complete installation, each beam will be attached to your concrete foundation floor with a special, bolt-in-place bracket. The PowerBrace System spans the entire height of your home's foundation walls, making the system suitable for repairing walls that bow and buckle from the middle. Additionally, the braces can repair walls that are sliding inwards from the bottom or tilting inwards from the top.

Potential to Become Completely Straightened Again

The PowerBrace System has a unique adjustment mechanism -- the bracket that anchors the I-beams to each floor joist includes a long bolt that can be tightened over time. This forces a bowed or buckled foundation wall back toward its original, straightened position. Straightening potential also depends on other factors, such as soil conditions outside the foundation walls.

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