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A Service Company with Integrity

Our Post-Installation Service Team is Committed to You!

Our office walls and company T-Shirts have the words “With us, EVERYTHING matters” emblazoned on the back, which sums up how all those who work for AquaGuard feel about service commitment. We really do take to heart the fact that we want each customer to be satisfied and have peace of mind after each and every completed job.

Always Serving our Customers with Integrity

Our goal has always remained to be a Service company with Integrity, but that concept of service applies to not only striving to perpetually redefine the home services contracting industry but also, more literally, that we fully OWN our work via our dedicated post-installation Service Department. Consisting of a full-time Manager, Assistant Manager, Coordinators, and Field Technicians, our Service Department works tirelessly to keep our customers satisfied and their homes protected. So what sets us apart at AquaGuard? With us, everything truly DOES matter, and that means serving our customers fully forever, not just until a project is installed.

Dedicated Post Production Service

The Service Department’s scope of responsibilities includes scheduling customers’ annual maintenance appointments to ensure all products and systems installed are properly functioning, as well as handling any post-install emergency issues that may arise. As such, AquaGuard’s Service team fields more than 500 combined Proactive (maintenance) and Reactive appointments monthly.

At AquaGuard, we know that the customer always deserves our best, and we will thus forever strive to provide peace of mind to those we serve. If you need any post-installation service performed, contact us today and experience “The AquaGuard Difference” firsthand!

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