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Basement Drainage Systems and Wall Paneling

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The Challenge

This homeowner called AquaGuard because their basement block walls were damp and wet. Water was entering their basement though the concrete block walls. This incoming water was causing the floor of the basement to get wet. Because of all of the moisture in the basement, the humidity levels were very high.

The Solution

AquaGuard was able to help these homeowners with very few installations. The most important were the BasementGutter™ Port and the accompanying drainage system. Water was not being drained out of this home efficiently before, and we were determined to fix that with our products. BasementGutter™ traps the water and moves it out of the home using gravity exit pumps. Two BasementGutter™ ports and two gravity exits made up the newly improved drainage system for this basement. Another very important installation was the Coroplast. Coroplast is one of AquaGuard’s wall systems. These panels are applied to the basement walls to keep water from entering. Using any of AquaGuard’s wall panels will prevent water from entering your home and keep mold from growing on your walls, floors, or any contents you have in your basement.

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