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Why does AquaGuard not install “Curtain Drains”

A layman may suggest a “Curtain Drain” to easy your wet basement woes…this will not work.

Again, “curtain drains” do not keep your basement dry! A curtain drain is a trench in the ground removed from the foundation of your home. It has a pipe in it and is filled with crushed stone. Sometimes the trench is filled to the top with this stone, appearing as a stripe of stone in your yard.

These types of drains are often used on sloping lots because they attempt to intercept water coming down the hill, but cannot be relied upon to prevent a basement from having water problems.

Curtain drains are good for eliminating “ponding” in your yard BUT they do not protect your basement from general water intrusion.

Insider Information regarding Inside and Outside Waterproofing

Beware – waterproofing contracts might say that they will do an outside and inside drain. They will explain that it is beneficial to install an outdoor system because it will stop the water from coming through your foundation…

But that brings about the question – then why do I need an indoor drainage system?

Most homeowners are led to believe the outside drain will be very deep and resolve all the water problems they are experiencing. In reality, the installers just dig an approximately 12 inch trench and when they come to an obstacle like a porch or driveway, they stop the trench and start again on the other side. So essentially, these drains are useless.

The entire idea of a drain inside and outside is simply window dressing to justify high prices for what they are selling you.

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