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Frequently Asked Questions: How Our Waterproofing Systems Function

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Question: Why do AquaGuard’s waterproofing systems allow the water to come inside the basement or crawlspace?

Answer : On the inside of you home, we can control all conditions. If we installed equipment on the outside, we have to worry about tree roots, rodents, soil conditions, and many other factors affecting your system. We want to provide lifetime success. In order to do so, that means we need to install the system somewhere that we can control all of the conditions.

Questions: Why do we have to waterproof the whole basement?

Answer: In order for us to guarantee and warrantee that your basement will stay completely dry, we need to waterproof the entire space. Also, water generally enters the basement because of a damaged or faulty footing drain- this drain surrounds the entire basement; so, if one area becomes damaged, other areas are prone to damage as well…leading to more infiltrating water.

Question: How far away is WaterGuard installed from the wall?

Answer: WaterGuard is installed right against your basement wall. This ensures that incoming water is immediately captured.

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