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History Of Water In Your Basement? We Got You!

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As we brace for colder months, we can expect this Fall to bring more rain than we’ve seen in a while. Try to remember what this spring and early summer were like for your home. Did you notice any moisture in your crawl space? Did you have any water in your basement from which you just could not figure out the source?

Seeing that we have had very little rain in the past few months, it may be easy to convince yourself those issues are behind you. Unfortunately, they’re not, and they won’t fix themselves. Hence, when the rain comes, you may find yourself wondering where exactly that puddle keeps coming from.

While these issues are not uncommon to the greater Atlanta area, they can still pose larger threats to your home! Water will always find the point of least resistance, will always translate to humidity, and that high moisture content in the air can cause things like mildew, wood rot, sagging floors, and even higher energy costs. Water can spread to places that will ruin belongings or force you to replace basement finishings. What do you keep in your basement? Can you afford to lose it? Fortunately, you don’t have to.

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions has been resolving these issues for nearly 25 years! Our solutions are permanent, and custom-tailored to restore your home’s specific issues, and they’re backed by industry-leading warranties because of the proven track record of their patented products and installation crews. Sometimes the thought of bringing in a contractor can seem daunting because you never know how you or your home will be treated. That is understandable. To ease some of that stress, you will be happy to know that AquaGuard has won multiple Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for both Marketplace Ethics and Customer Service, so you can be assured you will be treated fairly and with respect.

If you have a concern about your basement or crawl space, don’t wait until you have water in it again! Take advantage of these dryer months and fix the problem before it negatively affects your home and family again.

Appointments with AquaGuard are free! You will meet with a trained and certified waterproofing specialist who will inspect your entire basement or crawl space so that you can be made aware of any and all problems your home is experiencing.

Winter brings enough concerns as it is. Put this one to bed and call AquaGuard Foundation Solutions!

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