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Recently, Tom DiGregorio was proud and humbled to receive a call from one of Aquaguard’s first 10 customers in 1995. David Jahning’s voice boomed over the phone, “People always call to complain, but very infrequently call to say good things, and especially not after 23 years!”

The Impact of Hurricane Opal

David bought his home in September 1995, moving his family from Tennessee. The Jahnings were in the house for just one month, still unpacking boxes, when Hurricane Opal hit Georgia. On October 4th, 1995, a state of emergency was declared in 45 GA counties. Metro Atlanta was hit hardest, reporting 10 deaths. Over 6,000 trees were downed, and more than 300,000 people were left without power.

In Marietta, the site of David’s beautiful new home, peak rainfall was logged at 18.08 inches, and the peak wind gusts were pounding his home at a strong 79 miles per hour! Devastating. Fortunately, the Jahning family made it out alive, but with extreme water damage to their new home.

AquaGuard to the Rescue

Their basement was steeped in 8 inches of water. “I said we’ve got to do something! But What? I wasn’t 100% sure,” David grimaced. “So, we invited three service providers to quote our damage and the only one that showed up was Tom!” Listening on the phone Tom quietly said, “It sure warms my heart to know I left a good impression. In those early days, I was determined to be different. I wanted to be the kind of contractor that people spoke about in a good way.”

David eagerly went on to claim that “Tom not only knew what was causing the problem with their flooded basement, he knew how to solve the problem in a fast and manageable way, which is probably one of the reasons AquaGuard is still around two decades later!”

Sagely, Tom responded, “Our challenge now, as a company with 230 employees and more than 30, 000 customers, is maintaining that culture, maintaining that spirit, that when we knock on a homeowner’s door, we are going to give our customers the same impression that I gave you ….”A wonderful stroll down memory lane, especially knowing that we have achieved great peace of mind for the Jahning family, even after 23 years.

Clearly, tomorrow belongs to those who plan for it today.

If you are looking for lifelong protection that will protect your biggest asset for generations to come, give one of our fabulous Appointment Center ladies a call and schedule your FREE assessment today.

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