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Marietta Basement- now Clean, Dry, and Protected

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The Challenge

Water was seeping in at the floor level of this unfinished basement. Because this water was creating a damp environment, efflorescence was forming all over the block walls and the concrete floors. Not only were the floors and walls wet, but the air was also extremely moist. Along with the leak, the basement also had issues with its drainage system. The discharge lines were very inefficient. Because they were not draining the water effectively, water puddles were forming in the homeowner’s backyard. AquaGuard was able to help this homeowner transform her basement into a clean and dry environment.

The Solution

First we applied Coroplast to this basement’s walls. Coroplast is energy efficient wall paneling that helps keep unwater water out of a basement. Along with Coroplast, BasementGutter was also installed. BasementGutter captures any water that may penetrate the Coroplast. It is installed where the wall meets the floor to ensure that any water that enters the basement does not flood into basement, but is caught immediately. The basement also needed a SafeDri. A SafeDri is one of AquaGuard’s most effective sump pumps. Once it detects water, the water is automatically drained out of the basement by a series of pump discharge units. Lawnscape and FreezeGuard, which are exterior drainage systems, were also installed to ensure that all water exiting the basement is drained far away from the home. This ensures that the water will not reenter the basement. AquaGuard left this Marietta basement clean, dry, and protected from any further water infiltration.

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