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My Sump Pump or Safedri™ Alarm is Going Off. Help!

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My sump pump or alarm is going off. What do I do? Answer: First and foremost – do not unplug your sump pump. The SafeDri™ alarm goes off when the water reaches a certain level. If you don’t have a battery back up, the sump pump is alerting you that the power is out and the pump’s not working. If your power’s still on, check the water level in your sump pump. How did the water sensors get wet? While it’s unusual for water to leak into the top of the pump, the sensors may have gotten damp. If that’s the case dry off the sensors. If the water level is high enough to get the sensors wet then your pump may not be able to keep up with the flooding or the sump pump isn’t working. If the water has quickly risen, or you’re experiencing heavy rain, and you still hear your sump pump working, then it’s working to pump the water out. You can remove the SafeDri™ Alarm, dry it off and set it aside until the pump has removed the water. If you don’t hear the pump working then make sure that the sump pump has power. Check the connections and the fuse box to make sure a fuse wasn’t blown. If the pump’s not working and you have power then it’s important to schedule service for the pump. Call the experts at Aquaguard Foundation Solutions for a service appointment. Our service technicians are trained to come help you with all sump pump servicing.

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