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Odds and Ends about Basement Waterproofing

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The Great Shape Debate

While some waterproofing companies make a big deal about the shape of the pipes they install during their waterproofing process, AquaGuard does not. When our customers purchase a drainage system, it is much more than just buying a pipe. Our customers buy a contraption that allows all of the water they do not want in their homes out! Water does not care what shape the pipe is; therefore, we do not concern ourselves with the shape of these pipes. But, we do focus on where the ‘shape’ is and how it is installed in order to take water in instead of mud.

Deeper is Not Better

Clogging occurs when a drainage system is too deep. If your drainage system is too deep, soil from underneath your foundation has a greater chance of washing into your pipes and leaving voids. Over time, voids cause settling of your foundation.

The In-the-Mud Out-of-the-Mud Debate If we install your waterproofing system alongside the footing of the home, will it clog? No…but it has a higher chance. This issue arises depending on the soil and foundation conditions around your home. It also is influenced by the severity of the water problem you are experiencing. With the BasementGutter system, you never have to worry about your system clogging.

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