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Prevent Water from Damaging Your Basement

Water in your basement can not only be a pain to clean up, but it can lead to several other issues. It can ruin walls, ruin floors, cause mold growth, and result in musty smells that can flow to other sections of your house.
If you’ve had water damage before, you know all of the work and headaches it causes to get your basement dry again. Every time it rains, you’ve got to race downstairs to run the Shop-Vac or use towels to sop up the wet spots. You’re scared to go out of town for fear it might rain. At AquaGuard, we offer a number of solutions to not only help clean up water damage but to prevent it from ever happening again. Our purpose is to provide you with the peace of mind in knowing your home is dry and healthy, and always will be.
If you’ve noticed any signs of moisture intrusion in your basement, call or e-mail us today! We offer 30+ patented products and systems, all custom-designed to permanently fix your home’s specific needs. We proudly service Georgia, including Cumming, Douglasville, Lithonia, Duluth, Acworth, Woodstock, Rome, and Greater Atlanta.

Moisture & Puncture-Resistant Vapor Barrier

Given the naturally-damp environment of a basement, installing a vapor barrier on a wall is essential for fully protecting the room. We install a puncture and moisture-resistant, seven layer plastic sandwich, essentially, called AquaStop WallSeal, over your walls that connects to your perimeter drainage and sump pumping system and provides protection from mold growth and moisture buildup. As the name implies, AquaStop WallSeal gives your basement a crisp, white clean appearance, which can be left as is or finished with drywall, paneling or any other material.

Crack Repairs

A common catalysts for basement water issues is cracks in your foundation. Even the smallest cracks can let enough water seep through to cause damage to your basement. We offer a variety of basement crack repair solutions to fix your unique solution.

Moisture Control

Sealing out humidity from outside air can protect your home from mold and dust mite problems. Once you’ve waterproofed your basement, one of our patented, industrial-grade air filtration and dehumidification systems is a great way to ensure you never experience a moisture retention problem again, and it will help keep your basement dry, healthy, and at optimal re

Having a clean, dry space will help make your basement livable and functional again, and it will also keep out unwanted water issues, mold or pests.
Having troubles keeping your basement dry? Let the experts at AquaGuard come give you a free inspection. Call us today!

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