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Rain + Basement = Big Problem for Homeowners

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Rain in the forecast could mean that your basement is about to leak AGAIN! Odds are if you’ve had a leak in your basement or crawlspace before and haven’t addressed it with a permanent solution, it’s going to leak again. We hear from people all the time who, when we asked, what prompted them to fix the leaky basement or flooded crawl space, they say they just got tired of cleaning it up and putting up with it.

A flooded basement can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in lost items including cherished memories, let alone if your basement is finished. Sometimes homeowners spend $20,000 or more finishing a basement only to have it leak again and ruin everything they’ve just spent. We’ve seen basement damaged over and over again by those persistent leaks that don’t go away on their own. If the leak is behind a finished wall in your basement mold may be growing as well.

If you have a damp crawlspace or moldy basement as a result of those leaks, give us a call and solve your leaky basement for good! AquaGuard offers permanent solutions with long term warranties!

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