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Rain in the Forecast Means Leaky Basements!

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Rain in the forecast is viewed as a welcome change for some of us. We see the brown grass and cracked ground and feel miserable heat. But, for those with a leaky basement or water in their crawlspace they dread the days with rain in the forecast. As the ground gets saturated their basement leaks. Once water finds a path into your basement or crawlspace, it will leak again. Maybe it comes in at the base of the wall in your basement and soaks your carpet or perhaps you see it leaking through a crack in the basment wall. Whatever the location, it isn’t going to get any better. AquaGuard offers permanent solutions with, in most cases, life of the structure warranties. Another concerns is settlement issues. With the ground shrinking from the near drought conditions, saturated ground can cause your foundation to shift or move.

Your home is your most important investment and when something goes wrong, of course, you need to get it fixed so your home’s value isn’t compromised.

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