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The Challenge

Although this basement did not have any cracks in its cinder blocks, water was still leaking into it. This lead our team to pinpoint the problem was at the floor level. The home initially had a very poor draining system leading to water gathering around the outside walls of the basement. The water in the basement caused the relative humidity to rise up to 69 percent. AquaGuard tries to bring this percentage down to about 55 to prevent mold from growing.

The Solution

AquaGuard quoted and installed many solutions to help resolve these issues. We put in numerous draining systems and two BasementGutter Ports to help redirect the standing water away from the basement walls. We also replaced the home’s original water pump with a new, more sufficient working one. After a two day install, AquaGuard helped cure this basement’s water issue. Now this basement will stay dry and mold free.

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