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Standing Water IS NOT Good for Your Basement

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The Challenge

When AquaGuard first took a look at this home for its free estimate, we found numerous issues that needed to be resolved. The first major issue we noticed was the water lining the walls. Apparently there was a major leak because in numerous spaces where the wall met the floor, there was standing water; this is what would have later caused mold and/or a musty basement atmosphere. Another problem we saw was the significant vertical-stair step wall crack creeping up the citer blocked basement walls.

The Solution

AquaGuard helped this customer in one day by provided multiple solutions for the water leaks in this basement. BasementGutter Ports and BasementGutters were installed to act as the basement’s primary drainage systems. Along with these draining systems, Pump Discharge units and a SafeDri were used to further pump the unwanted water out and away from the basement. A Pipeoff and an exterior drain were set up to guarantee the water moved out and away from the basement. AquaGuard makes certain that unwanted water is removed AND ensures that it will never return again.

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