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How do you know if your basement or crawl space has water or moisture intrusion issues? Can you see any symptoms? You don’t have to be an expert to diagnose water and moisture issues–just use your eyes! If the following problems are spotted and not treated immediately, they will get worse and end up costing a lot of time and money.

Visible Symptoms of Moisture in Your Basement

Can You SEE…Visible Cracks?

Cracks in your foundation’s floor or walls usually means that your foundation is shifting or settling due to weak soil and water eroded soil.

Discolored or Moist Walls?

This indicates water and moisture seeping into your foundation’s walls; if this water freezes, it will compromise the overall stability of the concrete foundation walls.


You will see a white, chalky substance on walls, this is efflorescence. This is the salt held in water migrating to the surface of a porous material (concrete), evaporating, and then forming a coating.

Standing Water or Groundwater Seepage?

Repeated standing water issues will eventually begin to break down your basement’s concrete floor, as the porous material can soak up a large amount of water in one small area. Similarly, if you have continuing issues with groundwater seepage in your crawl space, eventually it will rot your wooden joists and compromise your home’s overall safety and stability.

Mold/Mold Spores?

Constant moisture and humidity cause mold to grow rapidly in your crawl space. If you spot patches of greenish, gray, or black mold call a professional as soon as possible–you will likely need a dehumidifier and sealed space.

Rotting or Sagging Floor Joists?

The wooden beams that hold up the roof in your crawl space can become rotten and begin to sag with constant exposure to moisture. If these beams unexpectedly break, you could be in for serious problems.

You Have The Symptoms, We Have The Solutions

If you’re looking for contracting experts in the Atlanta, Athens, Rome, and Marietta areas, look no further than AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, the premier foundation repair, and waterproofing professionals!

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