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Those of you who have a damp or flooded basement understand the value of having a dry one. Wet basements allow dampness, moisture, bad smells, foul odors, mold and mildew among a large variety of serious health conditions that could take a toll on you and your family’s health. These conditions rob your home of great value and put you and your family in jeopardy of mild to serious health conditions. Imagine trying to sell your home with a wet basement, buyers will either walk away or ask for a drastic discount in the selling price.

A dry, desired basement is one that is completely rid of flooding, moisture, dampness or water that has the tendency to seep or flow through the concrete floors, walls and joints, as well as vents that have not been sealed properly by the homeowner. A dry basement is clean and free of bad odors or leaks that can cause mold and serious health issues, especially to adults and children who suffer from breathing difficulties or asthma. These health concerns occur by simply breathing in a number of mold spores that tend to float in the air, freely.

Storage & Memories

Over time, we tend to fill our homes with a lot of unused personal belongings and there never seems to be enough room to properly store them. Whether your basement is remodeled, finished or unfinished, it is the right size and shape for additional storage. The basement in your home is the perfect location to store these unused personal belongings such as clothing, toys, magazines, records and other valuables. The key is to take full advantage of adding storage bins, shelves, cabinets and other storage units. It allows for organization of your stored items.

A dry basement can house and preserve years of memories for you and your family. Imagine losing all of those memories due to a flooded basement. We’re heard the stories hear at AquaGuard how many families not only lost pricey furniture, antiques and other collectibles but also lost a lifetime of memories by not waterproofing their basement. Many finished their basement without waterproofing and ended up throwing thousands of dollars away. Whether the water comes in through a crack in a poured basement walls or seeps in between the blocks or comes in at the base of the wall, it doesn’t matter, anytime water enters your basement it takes a toll.

New Space adds Value to your Home

There are also several other alternative uses for a dry, clean basement; additional living space, home office, extra storage, guest bedroom or just a place to get away and relax. Many homeowners don’t take full advantage of this unused space, and with a little time, effort and money, you can add great value and useful space to your home without the ongoing high cost of new construction.

A dry basement is a huge added bonus to any potential homeowner. A clean, dry basement is hidden money in the bank, to anyone putting a home on the real estate market, today.

No matter how you choose to use your basement, when water enters your basement, it can be a huge hassle on your structure, budget and health.


If your home currently has a finished basement then the best decision you can make is to waterproof it. An experienced do-it-yourself homeowner should take into consideration all of the above solutions to control and solve common leaking issues. It is usually best to hire a trained professional or basement waterproofing expert who can evaluate the situation, discuss the best options to meet your needs and assure the installation is performed properly to protect your home. Contractors like AquaGuard can finish your project in days rather than a lifetime of weekends trying to do it on your own.

Contact AquaGuard Groundworks today for a free estimate to have these experts transform your wet basement into a dry and healthy space!

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