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The Challenge

In Silver Creek, Georgia, a homeowner was growing concerned about the water seeping into her unfinished basement at the floor level and then it continuing to spread into their crawlspace. She knew she had a problem, but did not know how severe it truly was.

The Solution

AquaGuard first used two different types of drain matting to cover the basement walls and the crawlspace’s floor. LumaBright was used in the basement portion of this house to keep the walls dry. CrawlSeal was applied to the crawlspace area (floor and walls) to ensure that water would not enter the crawlspace by any means. To help the home’s drainage issues, AquaGuard used a variety of systems to ensure that water would not remain in the basement or crawlspace; from now on the water would drain out the home. Some of these systems included the EZ Flow and FreezeGuard. EZ Flow is inside of the crawlspace to capture the water.

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