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Wet Basement? What’s Really Occurring

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Why is There Water in Your Basement?

The last thing any homeowner wants to face is water in their basement. Standing water can leave your basement feeling damp and uncomfortable and it can leave long-lasting damage as well as be difficult to clean. There are a few different reasons behind your wet basement walls, such as:

Sump Pump Failure

If your sump pump is not able to do its job by pumping out water before it enters your house, your basement could be in danger of flooding and water damage. Your sump pump could fail because it was improperly installed, if it suffers mechanical issues, or if there is a power outage.

Cracked Walls

Poured concrete walls often suffer from cracks. When the concrete is curing, it shrinks and cracks. Polyurethane foam is one solution AquaGuard has found that can fill wall cracks so completely that any future flood damage is averted.

Floor Cracks

If you notice that your basement floors are wet, it could mean that water is seeping up through cracks in the concrete floors. By restoring the floor and installing a proper drainage system, AquaGuard can effectively prevent any further water damage.

Failed Water Heater

A high number of household floors are caused by water heaters that have burst. When your water heater fails and ruptures, it can release several gallons of water into your home that has no business being there. Our None is easy to install and prevents water heater floods, especially when coupled with the WaterWatch Floor Alarm to warn you if there is any water detected.

Plumbing Flood

Finally, water in your basement often occurs if a pipe under your foundation bursts, filling your basement with water. These types of floods can damage walls, floors, and any property stored in your basement.

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