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Which Animal Has Inhabited My Basement?

If you hear strange screeching noises coming from your basement at night, an animal may have moved into your home. Find out which!

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Hearing strange noises coming from your basement in the middle of the night can be scary. Not to worry, startling sounds usually do not mean that someone has broken in. In fact, they are usually a sign that some kind of animal has moved into your basement.   

But, does your uninvited guest have four legs, two legs, or no legs at all? If you keep your eyes peeled for clues, you can easily find the type of animal that has turned your basement into their home. When you’ve worked this bit out, you will need to call an expert who will remove this animal from your home and help you sleep peacefully at night.  

snake in basement


If you have cracks in your foundation, do not ignore them. This problem can lead to further issues, such as water damage and pest invasion. Even the smallest openings can become an entryway for mice and rats, so it is important to repair the cracks as soon as you notice them.   

During the fall and winter, when outside temperatures drop, rodents look for shelters that will keep them safe from the cold. However, they can also invade your home during warmer months. If there are any openings in your home that they can use to get inside, they will nest in your walls.   

So, what kind of damage can these tiny creatures cause? Mice and rats tend to destroy anything that stands between them and their food source. Therefore, they will chew up your wires, destroy your insulation and turn your basement into a messy place full of droppings.  

There are several types of rodents that can inhabit your basement. As we already mentioned, rats and mice are common uninvited guests in basements across Birmingham, Al. However, squirrels can also enter your basement and cause a lot of damage.   

The only way you will be able to tell what type of rodent has moved in is by finding the location of the damage. While rats and mice will ruin the drywall near the joints, chipmunks and squirrels love to climb, and therefore, will cause damage closer to the ceiling.  


Snakes can’t damage your home in any way. However, you still do not want them in your basement. These creatures attack when they feel threatened and can easily harm your pet or your child. If you suspect you have snakes in your basement, look around warm places. They can be usually found in a sump pump battery or the HVAC system. If you are not sure whether these reptiles have moved into your home, pay attention to your pet’s behavior. If they avoid walking past certain utilities, call the exterminator and have them check out the situation.  


While having some types of pests in your basement is just a minor nuisance, that is not the case with raccoons. These animals are pros at destroying a basement and can easily turn your place upside down. The shape of their paws is ideal for tearing out your insulation, ruining your drywall, and causing all sorts of problems. Pregnant raccoons can also inhabit your basement, which can take this problem to a whole new level.   

One way you can figure out whether you have raccoons in your basement is by checking the floors for droppings. In addition, these animals are noisy, and you will easily hear them if they are in your basement. If you are determined that there are raccoons in your home, don’t try to remove them on your own. Angry and scared raccoons can really hurt you, so it is better to call a professional who has the proper equipment.  

Bats and Birds  

Sometimes the uninvited guests in your basement can fly. If you have left the basement door open for a second too long, these creatures could’ve moved in.   

Bats won’t destroy your home in a way rats will, but they are still a health hazard. They leave droppings everywhere and they can bring various diseases into your home.   

Birds are also magnets for bacteria, but unlike bats, they won’t keep your basement intact. Instead, while trying to find a way out, they will break everything in their way, especially closed windows. If you have a trapped bird in your basement, you will be able to notice feathers everywhere, as well as smudged windows.   

The difference between birds and bats is that birds will steal various materials to make nests in your basement and make themselves at home. Bats do not need nests. If you want to locate these flying nuisances, just follow the feces.  

Removing Unwanted Animals from Your Home  

Dealing with animals in your basement can be a pain. Not only do they keep you up at night, but they also leave droppings everywhere and cause damage to your things. Trying to get rid of them on your own is not the best solution, since they can harm you in the process.  

If you have decided that there are animals in your basement, call the exterminators or animal control representatives and have them remove these creatures from your home. After your basement is finally animal-free, call your local specialists and have them repair the damage that has been done.   

AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists offer a free inspection and quote. Schedule an estimate today and see which repairs will be needed to restore your home back to its original state. 

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