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Pathway & Step Lifting

How wonderful to meander down a garden path. But wobble over uneven brick paving and that pesky trip-hazard shatters your blissful state.

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PolyRenewal™ vs. Mudjacking

AquaGuard’s PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting division recently custom-designed a solution and restored a gorgeous little brick pathway and steps that lead into the beautiful surrounds of a rose-filled garden.

Approximately 12 months prior to AquaGuard restoring her peace of mind, the customer opted to invest in Mudjacking repairs with another contractor to attempt to lift her three, sinking brick walkways and step landings behind her home. This is an outdated method and as the name suggests, is a very lengthy, dirty, and muddy process! What’s worse is that Mudjacking is a largely ineffective process.

At the time of her Mudjacking repair, the customer’s garden stairs had settled into the Georgia Red Clay soil by 3 inches. The Mudjacking repair was initially successful in that it lifted the stairs back to their original position, but only for a brief period of time. Unfortunately for the customer’s pocket, the fix was NOT permanent, and one year later, the stairs had sunk back-down again by a good inch and a half. So, the homeowner was faced with addressing the exact same repair…again.

PolyRenewal™: the Permanent Solution

This time, she called AquaGuard and learned how our revolutionary PolyRenewal™ process could permanently resolve her issue. AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is Atlanta and North Georgia’s exclusive, authorized dealer for PolyRenewal™, a dual-part, structural-grade, high-density polyurethane concrete lifting injection foam. PolyRenewal™ is engineer-designed and since its launch, it has revolutionized the concrete stabilization and lifting industry. Because PolyRenewal™® has multiple formulations available, it can fit the needs of nearly any concrete stabilization job – large or small – and its versatility provided the perfect solution to stabilize and lift Mrs. Wilken’s garden path.

Confident in the product and the solution, our Production crew set to work, and the results achieved were awesome. The job was designed as a one-person install and took the foreman just half a day to complete. Click here to learn more about PolyRenewal’s extraordinary capabilities. You might call it one-part science, and one-part magic. We call it peace of mind. As we head towards summer, restore YOUR peace of mind!

If you’ve got sinking exterior or interior concrete or brickwork, give us a call and experience what PolyRenewal™ can do for you!

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