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PolyRenewal on a Garage Floor

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The Challenge

In Cumming, GA, a homeowner was beginning to be bothered by the cracks in his garage floor. The concrete was cracking, creating an unsafe environment for his family. Not only was the garage floor unsafe, but the cracks also made the garage seem ugly and much older than it truly was. This homeowner called AquaGuard to help fix the numerous cracks in his concrete garage floor slab.

The Solution

AquaGuard knew exactly how to help this homeowner with the cracks in his garage. The solution was PolyRenewal. PolyRenewal is used to raise almost any type of concrete slab, stone patio, brick porch step- you name it! PolyRenewal fixed the cracks in this homeowner’s garage. Now, not only is this space safe, but it also appears like it is a brand new garage!

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