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4 Steps to Eliminating any Negative Effects due to your Crawlspace

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There are four main steps to solving the problems that can be caused by your dirt crawlspace. You gain a ton of benefit by fixing your crawlspace AND without having a terribly expensive or disruptive home improvement project to deal with. These four major steps rid your home from any negative effects caused by a dirty and musty crawlspace.

Step 1: Fix the Water Leakage

AquaGuard is able to do this in a variety of different ways. A SafeDri pump is installed in order to automatically drain any captured water out of the crawlspace and a lawnscape drainage system can also help removed unwanted water out of a crawlspace.

Step 2: Isolate the House form the Earth

This simply means encapsulate. AquaGuard installs CrawlSeal™ drain matting throughout the entire crawlspace (even walls and columns) to ensure a dry crawlspace.

Step 3: Seal the Vents and other Outside Air Leaks

Sealing all vents and doors is the best thing for your crawlspace. Outside air does more harm to a crawlspace (and you home’s air) than good. AquaGuard is able to effectively seal any gaps, vents, and doors.

Step 4: ‘Condition’ or Dehumidify your Crawlspace’s Air

AquaGuard is able to install a Sanidry dehumidifier to any home that needs it. Dehumidifying your space is the best thing to do to ensure that all of the moisture is eliminated from your crawlspace.

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