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A Dry, Clean, and Energy Efficient Crawlspace

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The Challenge

The owner of this home called us with concern due to the water seeping into her crawlspace. Not only was the crawlspace damp, but it was also extremely dirty. Cobwebs were climbing the walls along with the insulation falling from the ceiling. We were able to address all of the issues this homeowner was concerned with.

The Solution

AquaGuard first cleaned up this crawlspace by encapsulating it with CrawlSeal dry matting. Although CrawlSeal is usually installed from floor to ceiling, this homeowner asked that we only do the floor and the columns. Instead of CrawlSeal on the walls, we installed Silver-Glo. This was the homeowner’s personal preference. Silver-Glo is a two inch thick insulation foil that is used to increases energy efficiency even more than CrawlSeal. Rim Band Foam was also installed to seal off all air infiltration from the outside environment. To address the unwanted water, AquaGuard installed a Sanidry Condensate Pump and Lawnscape. Both help move the water out and away from the crawlspace and the home. AquaGuard left this crawlspace clean, dry, and extremely energy efficient.

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