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Atlanta Crawl Space with Humidity and Foundation Problems Case Study

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The Problem

Not only was this crawl space having humidity issues, but it was also experiencing many problems with its foundation. The space had a very musty smell and appeared to be extremely damp. The crawl space was also very dirty and had an open vent. Vents in crawl spaces should typically be sealed off at all times.

The Solution

AquaGuard first addressed the crawlspace humidity and drainage issues. First, AquaGuard removed all of the debris from the space. Next, we installed CrawlSeal™ drain matting on the floor and the columns in the space. To battle the high humidity, an AquaStop Air System was installed. The AquaStop™ Crawl Space Air System is the most efficient dehumidifier AquaGuard can place in a crawl space. A SafeDri™ pump was also installed to capture and drain the water out of the crawlspace. FreezeGuard™ and YardWell™ attach to the SafeDri™, but are used to drain the water out and away from the home. One final renovation we made to this crawlspace was the sealing of the vents.

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