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How to Care for Your Crawl Space in Hot Weather

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Most homeowners don’t give the crawl space much thought until it starts giving them trouble. Whether it’s mold, condensation or moisture seeping up through the floor, these crawl space issues can make for major repairs. These problems seem to multiply in hot weather.

Here’s what Atlanta homeowners should know about caring for crawl spaces when temperatures rise.

Crawl Space Maintenance During Hot Weather

The Function of the Crawl Space

A crawl space is often added to a home in lieu of a basement or a slab. Most have a floor of bare earth, and they may be only a foot tall. The purpose of the crawl space is to provide air circulation while also offering access to plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.

Vented or Closed

Traditionally, a crawl space is built including vents to the exterior of the home. These vents are meant to promote the movement of air and keep moisture under the house to a minimum. The trouble is that sometimes the vents end up attracting more moisture than anything else. That’s especially true in places that have hot, humid summers. The solution may be to close off the vents.

Improving Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

An increasing number of home builders and inspectors are arguing for closing off crawl space vents. This has been known to improve air quality in the home, and since as much as 40 percent of the air inside the home comes from the crawl space, that is an important consideration. The closed crawl space also makes for better energy efficiency because there is less influence from the outdoor climate.

Keep Moisture Out By Covering Your Vents

Cover the vents to the outside with foam board to keep the moisture outdoors. If you’ve still got dampness under the house, then consider installing a dehumidification unit. Installing a moisture barrier on the crawl space floor can also minimize the havoc that water can wreak on your home.

A Permanent Crawl Space Encapsulation Solutions

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions provides crawl space encapsulation for homeowners who seek a more permanent solution to crawl space problems. Our encapsulation service can prevent troublesome issues such as leaking water, rotting wood, moisture in the walls, and structural problems.

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