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Causes and Solutions to your Crawlspace Problems

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Dry soils causing settling and high humidity causing mold and rot are awful problems that arise in many crawlspaces. But these dirty spaces cause many other issues for your home as well.

  • Exposed earth under a wood floor: damp earth under your home will contribute to the moisture in your home. When the moist soil dries out, soils shrink and settle, causing the piers stabilizing your home to also shrink and settle.
  • Groundwater leaks: Builders do not make it a priority to keep crawlspaces dry. Due to crawlspace foundation walls being made out of extremely porous blocks, your crawlspace is doomed to leak.
  • Vents: Vents are installed to let moisture out- but they do not. The house has suction at the lower levels as warm air rises in the house. This causes air to be sucked in through all vents. During the winter time, you have freezing cold air under your feet, which is not good for your heating bill.
  • Mold: During the summer, vents bring in warm, humid air. Crawlspaces are naturally cool; therefore, when this warm air hits the colder surfaces, condensation forms on everything. Condensation then causes mold. Mold does not help the health of your family or the resale value of your home.
  • What’s downstairs is upstairs: As your house sucks air from the bottom to the top, it takes moisture, mold spores, and orders upstairs with it. The humid air raises your air condition costs in significant ways.

How to fix all of these problems:

  • Fix any groundwater issue with an interior drainage system and a ‘ SafeDri’.
  • Isolate the house from the earth with CrawlSeal™ drain matting. CrawlSeal™ seals up all of the walls and across the floor of your crawlspace. This helps to keep the crawlspace dry above the CrawlSeal™ liner, which prevents soils from over-drying and therefore shrinking.
  • Seal all outside air leaks, including vents! Unconditioned air should be kept outside.
  • Dehumidify with an AquaGuard Dehumidifier Air System. Mold does not stand a chance with this installation and your floor joists and girders will not be further weakened.

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