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Clean and Comfortable Space!

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The Challenge

An Atlanta homeowner came to AquaGuard in hopes of transforming her basement into a more comfortable space. She had water seeping in at the floor level of her basement block walls and a poor basement drainage system. Although she was already using the space to her advantage, she was tired of working in such poor conditions. The air was moist and humid and the space was simply uncomfortable to be in. AquaGuard made it so this woman could work in a cleaner space.

The Solution

First, AquaGuard installed BasementGutter and LumaBright. These two installations not only protect the basement from water, but also make it so the area is clean and much more user friendly. A pump discharge unit was put to use, along with a SafeDri to remove all unwanted water. Now this basement is clean and comfortable for the homeowner to enjoy.

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