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Complete Crawlspace Encapsulation in Dallas, GA

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The Challenge

The crawlspace that AquaGuard sales representative, Tony Roper, inspected in Dallas, GA was a complete disaster. The floor of the crawlspace was either loose dirt or dirt covered with a thin plastic sheet. Plastic sheets used to cover the dirt ground in crawlspaces in never a permanent solution. To be honest, it really is not a temporary solution either. Along with unnecessary debris, this crawlspace was also covered with water. The drainage systems in place were ineffective; they did not capture or drain the water that was infiltrating the crawlspace. One of the major flaws of the existing drainage systems was the faulty sump pump. Without a properly working sump pump, a crawlspace is doomed to be moist, which may result in mold or wood rot (like in this home’s case).

The Solution

During this four day project, AquaGuard installed all of the proper equipment to encapsulate and waterproof the crawlspace. The first task AquaGuard always completes in any crawlspace is removing all debris. We like to have a clear space to work.

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