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CrawlDrain and CrawlSeal Drain Matting Case Study

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The Challenge

AquaGuard entered this crawl space and found that it was extremely damp, musty, and moldy. Water was not being captured or drained properly from the space. Due to the water not leaving the crawl space, the humidity level was extremely high. Also, the opened air vents were causing the air in the space to be worse, not better.

The Solution

AquaGuard was able to provide this homeowner with multiple solutions in order for them to use their crawlspace as an extra storage area. After removing all the debris that was cluttering this crawlspace, CrawlSeal™ drain matting was applied to all of space’s surfaces, including the floors, columns, and piers. Not only does CrawlSeal™ help capture any incoming water, but it also gives the crawlspace a clean and healthy look.

Furthermore, CrawlSeal™ adds to the energy efficiency of your crawlspace. To aid the CrawlSeal™ drain matting, a CrawlDrain, SafeDri sump pump, and BasementGutter were also installed to better capture and drain all unwanted water.

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