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CrawlSeal Covers all Shapes of Crawl Spaces

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The Challenge

This homeowner called AquaGuard in hopes that we could encapsulate her crawl space in order to take care of mold issues and to simply make her crawl space cleaner. The moisture level in this crawlspace was the perfect environment for mold. And, although this particular space was not the dirtiest AquaGuard has ever seen, it is understandable for homeowners to want a clean crawl space. A cleaner space produces cleaner air. Plus, a finished crawl space is more energy efficient which results in lower energy bills.

The Solution

AquaGuard’s primary solution for this crawl space was CrawlSeal™ Drain Matting. CrawlSeal™ protects crawl spaces from unwanted water, and, therefore, little chance of mold. We also installed a dehumidifier to dry the musty air to also help to prevent mold issues. AquaGuard then sealed the vents to the crawl space to ensure even better energy efficiency. AquaGuard left this crawl space clean and mold-free, just like the homeowner asked!

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