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Dusty, Dirty, and Moldy Crawlspace Fixed!

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The Challenge

This owner of this home called AquaGuard Foundation Solutions because they needed help with the mold in their crawlspace. The homeowner described their crawlspace as “very damp and musty.” Although AquaGuard does not rid the space of mold, we can help find and fix the cause of it.; One of the major problems in this crawlspace was its dirt floors. Dirt floors are very bad for the home because the dirty and dusty air circulates through the rest of the home; the whole house is affected by this unfinished space. Another key problem of this crawlspace was the mold. Mold grows in damp and dark places. AquaGuard can fix both of these problems.; Water was also seeping into the crawlspace through the vent. This water is what causes the mustiness and dampness in the crawlspace- which then leads to mold.

The Solution

AquaGuard helped fix this crawlspace by providing numerous solutions to the homeowner. First, we removed all of the debris from the space. Then, we covered the crawlspace with CrawlSeal drain matting. This covers the dirt floors and creates a clean and usable space; AquaGuard also wrapped the columns with Clean Space. To take care of the crawlspace’s moisture and humidity, a Sanidry dehumidifier was installed along with an EZ Flow 7” draining system to pump out all of the unwanted water. To finish this two day job, AquaGuard sealed the crawlspace vent to ensure energy efficiency for this home.

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