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Energy Efficient Crawlspace and Basement in Grayson, GA

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This Grayson homeowner had problems in both his basement and crawlspace. Both were exceptionally dirty and very moist. The crawlspace had begun to grow mold, so the homeowner decided it was definitely time to do something about his water issues. The homeowner asked if we could come in and fix his water drainage problems and reinsulated his basement and crawlspace in order to leave it clean, mold free, and much more energy efficient.


AquaGuard had solutions for all of these proposed problems. First thing that had to be done was the removal of all debris and insulation from the basement and crawlspace. Naturally we removed the debris, but the insulation was also taken out because AquaGuard planned to install CrawlSeal, which is a much better and more efficient way to insulate your crawlspace or basement (or both). CrawlSeal was applied to the basement walls and the crawlspace. Drain matting was used in addition to the CrawlSeal in the crawlspace to help eliminate the unwanted water that was causing the perfect environment for mold to grow in.

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