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Excessive Heat Causes Dampness and Mold in the Crawlspace

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We’ve had some hot days recently and according to and we’re expecting triple digit heat this weekend! Another hot summer in Georgia means that many of us suffer when the temperatures rise and complain about how it makes us feel but few know what lurks beneath our homes because of the extreme heat.

If you have a crawlspace the excessive humidity will cause dampness and mold growth in the crawlspace and also effect the air above in your living area. It will also make electric bills rise because your crawlspace is not sealed.

You may notice a musty or moldy smell or even see your electric bills rise more than necessary during hot months. If you have allergies, the mold and mildew can actually contribute to declining health. Sealing or encapsulating your crawlspace can stop the mold and mildew and reduce electric costs.

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