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High Heat and Humidity Damage Crawlspaces

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It is Hot in Georgia! Your Crawl Space is Suffering!

Today’s temperature may be 93 but the heat index is 96. There are many days in the summer where Atlanta ‘s heat index hits the high 90s and some days it goes up in the 100s. The forecast continues to call for high heat and humidity through Labor Day.

It’s important to know that your crawl space humidity doesn’t stay in your crawl space. The humid air circulates through your home, increasing your home’s indoor humidity which is not only uncomfortable but invites dust mites and mold into your home. So, if it’s hot and humid in your crawl space, your home is suffering too!

Encapsulated crawl spaces offer important benefits to homeowners. Advantages are often overlooked simply because crawl spaces are often overlooked as a crucial part of a house. Many people say they never go in their crawl space and don’t like to think about it.

By restoring a crawl space with proper encapsulation you will see significant changes in your home.

Advantages include:

  1. Increased overall comfort. You’ll gain extra square footage for storage, and have a place where will stay dry and rust-free, clearing up living spaces and making them more usable for daily activities. While it’s hot now, we do see temperature in the 20s and 30s during the winter and you may notice that floors in the winter don’t feel as cold. Encapsulation means your house won’t seem as muggy in the summer. Add this up and your family’s lifestyle sees improvement without the need for major additions and remodeling.
  2. Lower energy bills. A repaired, well-insulated crawl space increases energy efficiency while a hot damp open crawl space with a dirt floor, creates moisture and damp air throughout the house. This makes the air more difficult to heat and cool, forcing your HVAC systems to work harder and longer, waste energy and, as a result, it’s like throwing money away.
  3. Reduced health risks. Damp, dark musty crawl spaces are ideal environments for growth of mold and mildew. Mold spores feed on dirt, dry leaves, dust and other materials; since the natural air flow in a house is bottom to top, the air with mold spores combines with air in the upper parts of the house and is taken in by family members. Poor air quality can lead to various unhealthy symptoms including allergies, nasal and sinus conditions, respiratory issues, and skin and eye irritations. AquaGuard received calls quite frequently requesting encapsulation because of family allergies.
  4. A safer home. The foundation your house stands on is comprised of the walls that enclose the crawl space. If those walls are exposed to prolonged wet, damp conditions, the foundation walls may become compromised and structural damage occurs. This of course creates an unsafe house and could also incur failed home inspections. Moisture also causes hardwood floors to buckle, creating another safety hazard in the living areas.
  5. Higher home value. A dry, clean safe crawl space signals value and secure investment in the future. It’s an example of homeowners caring about their house, all of its spaces, not just the furnished and decorated living areas. That’s a positive sign to prospective home buyers that they are looking at a well-cared for house, and becomes a strong selling feature. And because moisture problems have already been resolved, future expenses for buyers have been avoided.

In the final analysis, crawl spaces are simply another essential part of the home that require the same attention given to other areas, both interior and exterior. The impact and benefits of a dry, insulated and repaired crawl space will be felt for years to come by every homeowner. When your crawl space is working to its full potential, your home will finally be working together as one system.

AquaGuard Groundworks is your local wet basement and crawl space encapsulation company in Atlanta. We provide crawl space repair in North Georgia, including Duluth , Dunwoody, Decatur and Dallas as well as many surrounding areas and towns. We look forward to hearing from you!

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