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How do I Transform my Crawlspace into a Good Investment?

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People who fix their nasty crawlspaces properly might be the smartest and most financially rewarded homeowners.

One could argue that the net cost to fix a crawlspace is zero. Fixing this space saves money each month in energy costs and you would avoid costly rot and mold repairs. If you repair your crawlspace issues, in time you will eventually save more money than the costs it took to fix it.

There is an investment up front to have the work in your crawlspace done, and the savings accumulates over the years. If you wanted to solve your 1500 square foot crawlspace’s issues with a concrete solution, you can expect to pay about $9,000. But if you chose CrawlSeal™, that price is almost cut in half!

*** Fun Fact: Homeowners who properly fix their vented dirt crawlspace can save 15% to 20% on their heating and air condition costs.

There are variables to consider if you are going to solve your crawlspace problems. All of these variables affect the price you may pay. Some variables include:

  • The size of the space
  • The height of your space
  • How much drainage work you may (or may not) need
  • If you need a sump- and the battery back-up pump
  • Dehumidification

No matter the cost you pay for your crawlspace, just remember: it is NOT okay to let the conditions in your crawlspace fester, worsen, and threaten your investment in your home.

Although there are many solutions for your crawlspace, there are also many things NOT to do in your space:

  • Install vapor barrier or rigid insulation on the ceiling of your crawlspace.
  • Do not close vents without sealing the earth (sealing can be done with CrawlSeal™).
  • Also, do not seal the earth without closing the vents.
  • Never use a fan to blow outside air into your crawlspace.
  • Do not use a fan to blow air out of your crawlspace.
  • Do not use CrawlSeal™ or concrete without removing organic material. Organic materials include: wood, cardboard, insulation. Mold LOVES organic materials.
  • Do not depressurize a space that has combustion appliances.
  • Do not run a dryer vent into your crawlspace (that will just add nasty air to the rest of your home- not clean air into your crawlspace).

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