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Huge Drainage Problems in a Dug-Out Crawlspace

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The Challenge

These homeowners approached AquaGuard for help with their dug-out crawlspace. Their crawlspace was getting penetrated by water at the floor level and mold was beginning to grow on the block walls. Because these homeowners used their crawlspace for storage and a home-workshop, they were worried about their personal belongings getting ruined by the incoming water and the damp, humid environment it was causing.; The incoming water was not only staining the concrete walls and floors, but it was also dampening the plywood the homeowner kept in the basement. A majority of this home’s problems were caused by the lack of a proper drainage system. Because of having little drainage, standing water puddles were also forming in the crawlspace.

The Solution

AquaGuard provided many solutions for this home’s crawlspace problems. To waterproof the walls of the crawlspace we applied CrawlSeal panels to the walls. At the base of the walls, we installed BasementGutter, which captures all of the water that might penetrate the CrawlSeal (if it even gets through!).

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