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Another cause of moisture in a home comes from the air .

Air is one of the most efficient means that water moves on. Why is this? Air, including moist, humid air, can move easily in and out of any size space.

Warm air holds more moisture than cold air. High relative humidity causes rot, mold, energy loss, and attracts pests. So why not just vent your crawlspace?

Think about this. If you vent your crawlspace when it is a damp day, you’d be venting your space with damp air. If you were venting your crawlspace on a cold day, you’d be venting the space with cold air. Therefore, if you were venting your crawlspace on a hot day, then you’d be venting your crawlspace with hot air. And hot air holds more humidity than cold air.

AquaGuard suggests that you seal off all crawlspace vents and doors. We provide numerous systems that take care of your humidity in a much more efficient way!

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