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Mold Intelligence in a Georgia Crawl Spaces

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In recent years, mold has become an enormous issue. Mold is the subject of lawsuits, a fear for many builders, the reason for school closings, and the growth of an up-and-coming industry of mold testing and remediation. Why does mold exist? What is its purpose?

Mold eats dead, wet, organic materials. Organic is anything that was once living (like wood). Mold sends its spores out to everywhere it can. Spores lay dormant for years, and then all of a sudden begin infecting your home’s wet areas. Spores are the reason why mold gets so out of control and seems like it is impossible to get rid of.

Mold needs around a 70% relative humidity (RH) level to grow- although some molds can grow at a lower humidity level. Molds are attracted to processed organic fibers the most. This means it will grow on paper and cardboard first, resulting in mold forming on:

  • fiberboard
  • chipboard
  • plywood
  • framing lumber
  • and drywall (since drywall has paper on it)

Mold growing anywhere in your home is NOT GOOD!

AquaGuard does not perform remediation services, meaning we do not get rid of your mold; however, we can encapsulate and protect your crawlspace from an environment where mold would love to grow in.

With Crawlspace encapsulation, and the placement of a mold-resistant vapor barrier, your crawl space is now isolated from the wet and damp dirt floor. In addition, all the vents that bring the wet, damp outside air in to the space are closed off. A sump pump and dehumidifier are the final pieces installed in a crawl space to make the space dry and useable. Now the air rising up from the crawl space into the home above is healthier, and the organic surfaces inside a crawl space are not going to gather mold and mildew.

In Metro-Atlanta, Aquaguard has the expertise and experience to diagnose a wet, damp, mildew-filled crawl space and offer the expert crawl space encapsulation solutions to fix the problem.

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