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No More Crawlspace Moisture! No More Mold!

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The Challenge

This crawlspace had major moisture issues. The homeowner approached AquaGuard because they were interested in keeping their crawlspace dry. The homeowners stated that he could not see any mold at the current time, but he did not want to risk the fact that mold could potentially grow in his crawlspace. Not only was his crawlspace damp, but it was also extremely dirty. The sump pump in the crawlspace was not very efficient and the crawlspace definitely needed a dehumidifier.

The Solution

AquaGuard began their work by removing all of the crawlspace’s debris. Next, we installed CrawlSeal drain matting. Not only did AquaGuard cover the walls of the crawlspace, but we even wrapped the crawlspace’s columns. AquaGuard then replaced the crawlspace’s sump pump with a Sanidry CX (better quality pump) and installed a Sanidry Condensation Pump (dehumidifier) to remove the unwanted water from the crawlspace air. This water exited the crawlspace by pump discharge units and YardWell (which directs the water away from the house). Along with these other installations, AquaGuard also sealed of the crawlspace’s vents. Closing the vents of your crawlspace is one of the best improvements you can make to create a cleaner and more energy efficient space. The last thing that AquaGuard installed was an Everlast crawlspace door. This crawlspace is now moisture free and completely inhabitable to mold.

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