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No More Mold in Lithia Springs, GA

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The Challenge

This home’s large crawlspace caused numerous problems for its homeowner. The space was damp, moist, and extremely dirty. Insulation was hanging down from the ceiling. The entire space was dusty and dirty. And water stains were all over the concrete blocks causing efflorescence and mold to be found on the walls and ceiling. Water was clearly not exiting this crawlspace properly. Even though this space needed multiple installations, AquaGuard was able to get the job done!

The Solution

In this 5 day install, AquaGuard provided this homeowner with solutions to transform her crawlspace. First, AquaGuard removed all of the debris and insulation from the space. After the space was clear, we then covered the ground, columns, and walls with CrawlSeal drain matting. An interior drainage system, EZ Flow, was installed to help remove the unwanted water which was settling in the crawlspace. Two exterior drainage solutions were provided, the FreezeGuard and Lawnscape; these products remove the water from the crawlspace and allow it to travel further from the home. This ensures that the water will not seep back into the crawlspace. All of this water was pumped out of the crawlspace via a SafeDri. A Sanidry CX was installed to counteract the high humidity level (which was causing the mold to grow). Lastly, AquaGuard sealed all of the crawlspace’s vents with CrawlSeal and installed an Everlast crawlspace door.

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