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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Pendergrass, Georgia

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The Challenge

This home in Pendergrass, Georgia posed numerous challenges. The root of this home’s crawl space issues originated due to the extremely poor drainage system in the space. Without a properly working drainage system, this crawl space environment was dirty, dusty, and damp. All of these problems were affecting the air quality of the home above it while also increasing the homeowner’s energy bill.

The Solution

Since this homeowner called AquaGuard, we had numerous solutions to all of these challenges. CrawlSeal was the number one priority for this crawlspace. This drain matting covers the entire crawlspace – floors, walls, and columns. CrawlSeal makes the crawlspace much more energy efficient while also allowing the space to become usable storage. To fix the drainage issues, AquaGuard installed EZ Flow, which immediately captures any intruding water. EZ Flow connects to the YardWell that was installed, which is the primary exterior drainage unit. These two systems work together to ensure that all water is captured and drained out of the crawlspace properly. To resolve the dampness in the space, a SafeDri pumping system was used along with a pump discharge unit. Because of all of these installations, the crawlspace is no longer prone to water intrusion and humidity issues. Lastly, vent covers were installed to ensure that this crawlspace had maximum efficiency!

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