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Beat the Heat! Protecting Your Crawl Space from Heat & Humidity

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Last week, we discussed the dangers of humidity in your crawl space and how it could affect your home. Luckily, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions offers a variety of ways to lower the humidity levels in your crawl space so that you can avoid problems like mold, sagging floors joists, and pests. 

Crawl Space Humidity Solutions

We have a process that we recommend for every Georgia homeowner looking to protect their crawl space from humidity. You can take the following steps to ensure that humidity does not continue to terrorize your home:

Close Your Vents With Our Vent Covers

Crawl space vents can cause more harm than good because they allow humidity and pests to get into your crawl space. We recommend covering your vents with our CleanSpace Crawl Space Vent Covers to create a protective covering. These covers will prevent humid air from being pulled into your crawl space while also preventing pests from setting up house in your crawl space.

Keep Your Crawl Space Dry With Our Dehumidifier

After you’ve installed your crawl space vent covers, AquaGuard recommends a crawl space dehumidifier that can dry your space and keep humidity levels down. Our dehumidifier can efficiently get the job done. The best part is that it comes with a self-draining system that can remove up to 109 pints of moisture per day! This system will save you from having to go under your home to empty the water collection system. The dehumidifier is also powerful enough to handle a 6,000-foot crawl space that is 3 feet high! All you have to do is tell the system how dry you want your crawl space to be, and it will handle all the dirty work!

Don’t let Georgia heat and humidity cause problems for your family this summer. Take steps to keep your crawl space dry so that your home stays protected!

Leave It To The AquaGuard Foundation Experts

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