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Sagging Floors? What’s Really Occurring

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Have you ever dropped something on the floor in your home and watched it roll downhill? A floor that is uneven or clearly sags is not just annoying; it could be a sign of larger foundation problems that require repair. 

What causes sagging floors?

If your house has a crawl space and you notice your floors sagging, either in one spot or at several places throughout your home, it may be a sign of structural damage within your crawl space. As water creeps into your crawl space, mold and mildew begin to grow. These pests will rot the wooden floor joists in your crawl space, or time will cause the floor joists to bend.

Sagging Floor Repair

If your sagging floor is caused by a problem in your crawl space, our team can repair the issue with our crawl space jacks. These steel posts are adjustable and can stabilize a sagging crawl space which will fix the sagging floors above the space.

During installation, the team will position a crawl space jack between a concrete base and the main support beam in your crawl space. The jacks are then adjusted and the weight of your home is transferred to the soil beneath the jack. Over time, our contractors may be able to push your sagging floor back to its original position.

A sagging floor seems like a minor inconvenience, but you should have an expert inspect the situation as soon as you notice that your floors are uneven. A quick, efficient crawl space jack installation can be done quickly – usually no more than a day.

If you’re looking for contracting experts in Atlanta, Athens, Rome, Marietta, or surrounding areas, look no further than AquaGuard Foundation Solutions. We are the premier foundation repair and waterproofing professionals!

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