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Seal Out Air from the Outside of the CrawlSeal™

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Vents only make the moisture problem in your crawlspace worse. Not only do vents affect the moisture level, but they also raise your energy bill. Open spaces into your crawlspace are not energy efficient!

AquaGuard can install special CrawlSeal™ vents to help seal off all moisture from your crawlspace. The vents are plastic, so they will not rust, and are fastened to the wall of your crawlspace for an airtight seal.

Your Crawlspace door is also very important to preserving your newly cleaned space. Many builders only install a plywood access door to the outside of the crawlspace because it is cheap and easy. But plywood tends to rot and disintegrate very easily. When wood rots, it warps- when it warps, it no longer does its job of sealing in your crawlspace. Plus it looks awfully ugly.

The answer to all of these issues: an all-plastic door. This perfect door will not rot, warp, need paint, or grow mold. Knobs screw into anchors that line the wall next to the opening of your crawlspace. When the anchors are fastened, the door is sealed tight against weather-stripping to close off all outside air.

Once your door and vents are sealed, you are on your way to having the perfectly renovated, moisture free, and energy efficient crawlspace!

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