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Which is worse in a Crawlspace – Water or Water Vapor?

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Moisture is one of the leading reasons AquaGuard is called so often. Although we never like to hear how unhappy our customers are because of moisture or water in their home’s crawlspace, AquaGuard is well equipped with highly developed products and technology that will ensure the dryness of their space.

Moisture comes from many sources- one of these being the ground .

Exposed earth contributes a lot of water vapor into a crawlspace’s air. Because the earth in a crawlspace is damp, it adds to a continuous stream of water vapor into your home. This is the reason why any groundwater leakage in a crawlspace is never good; the water will slowly evaporate into the house above it. Water enters a crawlspace in numerous ways.

  • Under the footing Gaps
  • between the footing and the walls
  • Through the block walls Through cracks in poured walls

And what does this water do once it seeps in? It just stays there- in puddles- slowly evaporating upward into your home. Crawlspaces rarely are ever built with exterior drains and interior waterproof wall coatings to keep out or remove this unwanted water.

Water in a crawlspace does very little to ruin a home. The water will rarely ever touch any of the parts of a house that seems to be ruined. So what is causing all of the issues? Water vapor. Water vapor is the relative humidity. This is what ruins floor joists and sill plates.

Do not worry though! AquaGuard can help. Our highly trained salespersons will help explain where your high relative humidity comes from and how, together, we can control it.

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