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Why Do Houses Need to be Built with a Crawl Space?

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Crawl spaces are a vital part of homes because they raise your home off the ground and away from the damp soil. You are also able to lay duct work and plumbing pipes in the crawl space, allowing for easy access in case those pipes need to be serviced. There are additional advantages in building a crawl space under your home instead of a basement. Let’s take a look at the two options and explore the encapsulation process for each.

Crawl Space Benefits

All of your home’s systems are linked together so if there is an issue in one area, you’ll soon see the effects throughout your home. A crawl space can be the more cost-efficient foundation solution but it can also suffer from water damage and other issues. The stack effect causes air in your crawl space to be drawn up through the first floor and into the rest of your house which can raise your bills and spread sickness through your home. This problem can be solved with crawl space encapsulation.

When you encapsulate your crawl space with AquaGuard, you can count on a fast and clean installation that will create additional storage space and help you save money on bills.

Basement Benefits

While having a basement can mean extra storage space for your home, it can also mean a space that comes with its own set of challenges. Your basement walls can trap moisture and suffer from water damage. However, a vapor barrier can create a waterproof surface that will keep heat inside your basement – and your home – while keeping water out.

A vapor barrier is not only useful to protect your basement and your home against water damage but it can also help prepare the drywall if you decide to finish your basement. However, the bigger basement space can also mean more space to keep cool, which is one disadvantage that it has compared to crawl spaces.

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