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Wood Rot, Mold, and Faulty Insulation

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The Challenge

AquaGuard was faced with many challenges after inspecting this crawl space in Griffin, Georgia. The first major issue seen was the large amount of debris present in the space. Not only was there random clutter that needed to be removed from the crawl space, but the insulation also needed to be torn down and taken out. Because of the poor drainage systems in the space, mold and wood rot began to grow. Also, there was a high humidity level, which added unwanted moisture in the crawl space.

The Solution

The first step AquaGuard took when encapsulating this crawlspace was removing the debris and unnecessary insulation. Because of the CrawlSeal drain matting, insulation became unessential in the crawlspace; CrawlSeal protects and insulates the space more efficiently than insulation. Not only is CrawlSeal applied to the floors and walls of the crawlspace, but it is also applied and wrapped around the columns and/or piers in the space.

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