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Back-Yard Sink-Hole Repair for the City of Newnan

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The Problem

The City of Newnan contacted us to examine a sink hole in a resident’s back yard. On investigation we discovered that the buried 48-inch corrugated metal pipe was bent, causing several of the pipe’s joints to separate. This separation allowed support soil from below, around and above to flow into the pipe causing the sink hole to grow. As it grew, it affected the neighbor’s yard as well. With such a massive loss of support soil, the pipe continued to move, the separation of pipe joints worsened, and we saw how the earth opened to form this dangerous sink hole. 

The Challenge

Our challenge was to not inconvenience the home owner. Due to the back-yard location, the city’s traditional form of repair was near impossible, namely, causing damage to the yard by using heavy equipment and removing big trees. Time was also a primary concern for the city. If they were to make the repair, it would take about ONE WEEK, causing further inconvenience to the home owner. 

The Solution

AquaGuard proposed to stabilize the pipe and seal the open pipe-joints. We accomplished this by injecting our two-part high density, hydro insensitive structural polymer behind the pipes leaking joints. This action allowed us to install a ‘collar’ of structurally dense material around the outside of the pipe, which filled the voids. Our continued injections filled the smaller gaps and sealed them. Due to the severity of the open-joints, we also placed galvanized sheet steel over the repaired areas, and to create further security, re-injected our dense chemical material.

Because we use our patented, state-of-the-art Technology, it took us ONE DAY to complete this extensive repair. Now that the pipe was stable, the City of Newnan could backfill the large hole and return the home owner’s yard to normal.   

Products Used:

PolyRenewal® polymer injections

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