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Tom DiGregorio founded AquaGuard Waterproofing Contractors Inc in 1995 on the premise of wanting to build a company that stood head-and-shoulders above the competition in the contracting industry. At that time, home service contractors had established quite a dreadful reputation, as many maintain today. From not arriving on time, to not following up with correspondence, to the dissemination of inaccurate or convoluted proposals, to running off with your money and not completing projects on time, many home service contractors are often mediocre, at best. Rather than demand more, homeowners, unfortunately, were required to lower their contracting expectations, and the aforementioned travesties became the status quo.

It was amid this neglectful and chaotic climate that DiGregorio decided to build AquaGuard on the foundation of Honesty, Integrity, Quality Workmanship and Exceptional Customer Service, and those values still serve as the cornerstones of the company’s operations today. “Growing AquaGuard is inspiring to me”, said Tom. “I think our biggest challenge – scaling as fast as we have – is to constantly work to retain that small company mentality and to never lose our family-type feeling”.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and read a copy of AquaGuard’s foundations, as written in 1995. Though we’ve grown exponentially since that time and have a core purpose, core focus and core values as the heartbeat of our operations, the values upon which we were built hold as true now as ever:

  • Honesty: We believe that promising and delivering a quality standard job is integral. We are committed to listening and providing attention to our customers. AquaGuard wants to change the contracting industry for the better, by staying honest and open with everyone. We will only ever perform the work that your home needs. If we find something else during our free inspection, then we will discuss, with the homeowner, what the best way forward is. We will never do unauthorized work and leave you with a bill you can’t pay.
  • Integrity and Quality: Every employee in the AquaGuard family upholds the highest standards of integrity, no matter what position they hold. We use the best quality products and materials. Quality products keep your home running and your family safe year after year. No-one will ever get an inferior product or service from us. We love all our customers, and we don’t want you coming back to us with issues – the services we supply will last you a lifetime.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: We employ the highest quality people, both in character and work ethic. Whether a customer is interacting with an office staff member, or the on-the-ground production team, or our customer service employees, the customer must always have an exceptional experience. Having helpful customer service is what makes customers happy and keeps them coming back.

If you’re looking for contracting experts in the Atlanta, Athens, and Marietta areas, look no further than AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, the premier foundation repair, and waterproofing professionals! Contact us today for a free estimate!

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